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New Light Missionary Baptist Church
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              New Light Missionary Baptist Church is recognized as a pillar of strength in the Greater Greensboro Community. Its history dates back to the year 1891, and is a priceless heritage passed on to us by our ancestors through their love for Jesus Christ. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Barnett donated land to build the new church under the leadership of Reverend Neil Brown. Soon after the death of Reverend Neil Brown, Reverend J. B. Ellis was called to pastoral duties. He served the church fifty-three years, and under his leadership, New Light Missionary Baptist Church on McConnell Road was erected.

Following the death of Reverend J. B. Ellis in 1951, Reverend S. G. Griffies was called to pastoral duties. During his tenure of service many architectural improvements were made to the edifice. A building fund drive was established which proved instrumental in purchasing the property on Willow Road. Reverend Albert Brown, who served as Assistant Pastor, and Reverend Miller Johnson are recognized for their love for the church and the ministerial services they provided.

 In January 1975, a unanimous call was extended to Reverend Cardes H. Brown, Jr., who accepted the call and officially assumed the duties of the pastor of New Light Missionary Baptist Church. The zealous leadership and visionary imminence of Pastor Brown are cited for tripling the membership at New Light. Many new ministries and community outreach programs were implemented under his guidance, which included plans to continue the drive for a new church facility.

            On May 9, 1976, the groundbreaking ceremony was held for our current worship center. Then, as a result of yet another pastoral vision, on December 3, 2000 the groundbreaking ceremony for the C.H. Brown Jr. Family Life Center was held. This new addition to the New Light campus was erected to meet the needs of its growing congregation and the community. On December 1, 2002, the Ribbon Cutting Service was held. Today, New Light Missionary Baptist Church and Family Life Center, is a beautifully edifice located on hallowed grounds at 1105 Willow Road. It stands with open doors to all. We humbly and reverently bow in submission with Praise and Thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father who has guided our every step, with His loving care.

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